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Tennessee saw widespread population increases in 2023, with most counties in the state adding to their populations last year. Once again, the fastest-growing county was the mid-state stalwart, Rutherford County.

Our new intercensal estimates for Tennessee counties reconcile annual population figures from 2010-2020 with more accurate population data released after the 2020 Census. Learn more and explore the new data product!

5-year American Community Survey data straight to ArcGIS Pro maps and geodatabases. A new tool from Randy Pullen at the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Regional Planning Agency gets tract-level American Community Survey data directly into ArcGIS Pro.

To streamline data collection and review, a requirement for the formatting of resident rosters has been added to the state’s Special Census procedures. It’s a minor update prior to what could be a busy year for municipalities across Tennessee.

2021 was one of the most dynamic years in population change in recent history. New data shows Tennessee’s population grew in 2021. Record net gains from domestic migration were offset by a rise in deaths and drop in births. We break down the early numbers.

Our fall conference will again be replaced with a series of webinars, but we have some great topics in the lineup. These include 2020 Decennial Census challenges and guidance on tools to access the new 2020 redistricting data.

New 2020 Census data shows that the Tennessee is more diverse than it was ten year ago. Both changing demographics and new processing methods used by the Census Bureau are behind the change. We took a look at the new data and explain the trends.

New population totals for Tennessee counties and cities has been one of the most anticipated numbers to come out of the 2020 Census. We combined the new information with data from 2000 and 2010 to produce population totals and change for the twenty-year period.

An extended counting phase and processing issues have pushed the release date for the 2020 Census Data Products back several times. More definitive information is now available about apportionment and redistricting data release plans.

Population data is used to calculate infection rates and in cooperation with the Census Bureau, we’ve compiled new age data for all 95 Tennessee counties to help improve the accuracy of age-based COVID-19 rates.