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We’re experts in accessing, understanding and disseminating data about Tennessee. We make it understandable and useful to citizens, businesses and agencies across the state.


Tennessee’s Growing Racial and Ethnic Diversity among 2020 Headlines September 23, 2021 - New 2020 Census data shows that the Tennessee is more diverse than it was ten year ago. Both changing demographics and new processing methods used by the Census Bureau are behind the change. We took a look at the new data and explain the trends.
2020 Population of Tennessee Counties and Incorporated Areas August 12, 2021 - New population totals for Tennessee counties and cities has been one of the most anticipated numbers to come out of the 2020 Census. We combined the new information with data from 2000 and 2010 to produce population totals and change for the twenty-year period.
Population Projections for Incorporated Areas in Tennessee July 29, 2021 - Population projections for Tennessee's 345 cities and towns aren't readily available. So we leveraged the Boyd Center's county-level population projections and Census Bureau estimates to create a simple approach that can be replicated by communities across the state.

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open jobs

across Tennessee were reported in October 2021. The seasonally-adjusted
total sits at a record high, up 71 percent from a year ago. People quitting jobs also remain at historic levels. The estimates are included in the new state-level Job Opening and Labor Turnover Survey and is based on a national survey of 21,000 establishments each month. Archived data back to 2000 are available.


Tennessee counties

had fewer children in 2020 than in 2010. The state’s under-18 population grew just two percent in the past decade. The majority of the state’s counties saw decreases in this age group, with the largest occurring in Shelby County (an 8.6 percent decline totaling 21,000 children). The Boyd Center’s 2022 Economic Report to the Governor noted Middle Tennessee counties added nearly 53,000 people under-18.

Featured Tools

Unemployment Insurance Claims for Tennessee, Regions and Counties
COVID-19 related layoffs sent unemployment claims to record levels in April, 2020. This dashboard provides detailed tracking of the claims filed for each county and region for March 2020 – July 2021.

Special Censuses in Tennessee (2010-2020)

Fifty-four incorporated municipalities in Tennessee conducted a special census since the 2010. This interactive map shows the of the history of those counts.

2013 and 2018 Core-based Statistical Area Comparison
In 2020, statistical agencies will begin using new metropolitan and micropolitan area boundaries. This app lets you compare the old new boundaries.

COVID-19 Resources

NOTE:  The TNSDC COVID-19 dashboard will not be updated after 1/4/2022. Visit the Tennessee Department of Health for updated disease and vaccination Statistics.

Tennessee COVID-19 Dashboard
We captured daily updates from the Tennessee Department of Health between March 2020 and January 2021 to track the count of confirmed COVID-19 cases across the state. We suspended dashboard updates on January 4, 2021

COVID-19 Data for Tennessee
Our data repository includes daily updates on the statewide and county situation. A separate errata document is also maintained.