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Tennessee State Data Center

We’re experts in accessing, understanding and disseminating data about Tennessee. We make it understandable and useful to citizens, businesses and agencies across the state.


aerial view of downtown knoxville New TNSDC Resources Aid 2020 Census Error Review in Municipalities August 12, 2022 - Data from the 2020 Census was released one year ago, but the window to correct errors in the decennial count will remain open until June 30, 2023. New tools from the Tennessee State Data Center can help communities identify and resolve Census Bureau processing errors.
Students lounging in lobby of dorm during move in day 2020 Census Counts at Dorms, Nursing Homes and Prisons Now Eligible for Review June 27, 2022 - A new Census Bureau program designed to correct 2020 Census miscounts of residents at group quarter facilities is now operational. It lets city, county and state governments work with GQ operators to provide corrected April 1, 2020 residence counts at prisons, nursing homes and dormitories.
Photo of Spring Hill, Tennessee city hall. Tennessee’s Spring Hill Cracks Top 10 List of Nation’s Fastest Growing Cities in 2021 May 26, 2022 - Spring Hill, located 30 miles south of Nashville, had the 10th largest percentage increase among U.S. cities in 2021. New Census Bureau data for the state's 345 cities and towns showed strong growth for many of the state's municipalities.
2020 Census Records Undercount of Tennessee Residents May 18, 2022 - News that Tennessee had a -4.78 percent undercount in the 2020 Census caught many by surprise. We dove into the numbers, the national totals and the 2010 results to try to set this announcement in context.

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TNSDC Toplines

7,317 Permits for Multifamily Units

were pulled through July 2022 in Tennessee. Filings for new units are off 37 percent compared to last year when more than 11,500 new dwellings were on record by this point in 2021, according to the Building Permit Survey. Davidson County’s 62 percent decrease led the decline but was offset by slight accelerations in Montgomery, Wilson, Knox and Sumner counties.

$2,000 Annual Earnings Increase

was associated with workers obtaining an industry-certified manufacturing credential. The increase, measured over counterparts without similar training, was published in a new Census Bureau paper. The study linked records from post-secondary enrollment, IRS wage data and other census data, and also noted a higher likelihood of labor market participation post-certification.

Featured Tools

Center of Population of U.S. States and Counties
This interactive application shows the mean center of population for each state and county in the U.S. in 2000, 2010 and 2020. The application visualizes the degree of population shift each decade using lines that connect the center to its prior location.

Unemployment Insurance Claims for Tennessee, Regions and Counties
COVID-19 related layoffs sent unemployment claims to record levels in April, 2020. This dashboard provides detailed tracking of the claims filed for each county and region for March 2020 – July 2021.

2013 and 2018 Core-based Statistical Area Comparison
In 2020, statistical agencies will begin using new metropolitan and micropolitan area boundaries. This app lets you compare the old new boundaries.