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Tennessee State Data Center

We’re experts in accessing, understanding and disseminating data about Tennessee. We make it understandable and useful to citizens, businesses and agencies across the state.


County map of a a portion of Tennessee showing the Development Districts 2023 Tennessee County Geographic Classifier Reference File September 28, 2023 - Looking to supercharge your county-level data analysis? Our provides essential Tennessee geographic classifications that can be integrated with your existing county data.
New Metropolitan and Micropolitan Area Boundaries Include Changes for Eight Tennessee Counties August 21, 2023 - Federal statistical area boundaries were changed in July. The new metro areas, which are used in federal data products and for determining program eligibility, were last updated in 2018. We highlight the changes and what that means for Tennessee communities.
Employment Is Growing for Tennessee Teens but Jobs Are Still Less Common June 8, 2023 - 12 percent of Tennessee teens age 14 to 18 had a job in 2010. That number has almost doubled in the last few years and employment for the group is at its highest level in more than two decades. Read our breakdown - summer jobs, employment sectors and earnings for the state's teens.

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TNSDC Toplines

$1.4 Million More in Career Earnings

can be expected when comparing a bachelor’s degree holder to a high school graduate in Tennessee. New Boyd Center research exploring the value of a college education also notes that although an associate’s degree netted $417,000 more in lifetime earnings, returns fell a bit as workers without post-secondary education saw wages grow in the post-pandemic economy. The report adds that a bachelor’s degree brought a 14% return on the cost of tuition.

4850 Ethnic Kurds

lived in Tennessee in 2020; most of whom were residents of Davidson County. That’s according to the just-released Detailed Demographic and Housing Characteristics File-A which showed the state had more Kurdish population than any other in the country. The new data includes population counts for 1,500 racial and ethnic groups, as well as American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) tribes. The 5,000 Laotians in Rutherford County (#8 nationally) and 5,600 Scots-Irish in Knox County (#9 nationally) were also notable.

Featured Tools

County Population Estimate Dashboard
Our County Population Estimates and Components of Change Dashboard provides county- and regional-level population insights from 2020 through the latest year in the estimate series. Data about population and components of change are included, along with regional and state-level tallies of key performance indicators.

2023 Core-based Statistical Area Comparison
In July 2023, the White House Office of Management and Budget announced changes to the nation’s Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Area boundaries. This app lets you explore what counties have moved between areas since the last major update in 2018.

Center of Population of U.S. States and Counties
This interactive application shows the mean center of population for each state and county in the U.S. in 2000, 2010 and 2020. The application visualizes the degree of population shift each decade using lines that connect the center to its prior location.