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Screen shot of TNSDC population estimates dashboard

New TNSDC Dashboard Unlocks Population Change Trends Across Tennessee

Screenshot of population estimates dashboard showing trends for the state of Tennessee

The TNSDC County Population Estimates and Components of Change Dashboard is designed to provide county- and regional-level population insights from 2020 through the latest year in the estimate series. Data about population and components of change are included, along with regional and state-level tallies of key performance indicators.

The new data visualization reports current population levels and explains factors driving population increases and decreases across counties and regions of the state.

In an effort to make the latest population estimates more accessible to local officials, business leaders, and the public, on Oct. 18 the Tennessee State Data Center launched a new interactive dashboard.

The dashboard details county-level population trends for the state’s 95 counties from July 1, 2020 to July 1, 2022 and will be updated throughout the decade as new information becomes available. It also delves into the three drivers of population change: births, deaths and net migration.

For more information and to explore the dashboard, visit the dashboard at

Data shown in the dashboard are from the annual population estimates series released by the U.S. Census Bureau each March.

For more advanced analysis, the site also includes several multi-county classifications that can provide insights into the state’s evolving population dynamics at the regional-level. For instance, the dashboard can be used to measure population growth rates across urban and rural counties or compare drivers of population change across the state’s nine Development Districts.

These classifications also include the recently published Metropolitan Statistical Areas, in addition to the aforementioned Development Districts and urban/rural county designations from the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development.

Other Key Features

Some additional features unique to the TNSDC population estimates are:

  • Interactive map showing the patterns of one-year population change
  • Table and chart showing the fastest-growing counties in each vintage year
  • Breakdown of household and group quarters population

Components of Population Change Tab

Screenshot of the components of population change tab in the population estimates dashboard

The “Components of Change” tab shows the two factors which influence population increase or decrease in an area. This includes natural change (births minus deaths) and net migration from domestic and international sources. The filters on the left panel affect all indicators on this tab.

Performance Indicators Tab

Screenshot of the statewide indicators tab in the population estimates dashboard

The regional overview tab shows indicators to help compare county performance over vintage years or to compare one area to another. It also includes a table showing the fastest-growing counties and a visual depiction of county population growth and decline. The filters on the left panel affect all indicators on this tab.

Support for Mobile Devices

For mobile devices, a paired down version of the dashboard is served. By default statewide data are shown on panels detailing population trends, natural change and net migration. The Filter panel can be used to select access details about a single county or region of the state.

Screenshot of mobile dashboard interface showing the population tab

By default, the Population tab shows details about the state of Tennessee and the state’s current population. Use the filter to tab to view population for a county or region of the state.

Screenshot of mobile dashboard interface showing the net migration tab

The net migration tab show the difference between the number of people moving into and out of the states since July 1, 2020.

Screenshot of mobile dashboard interface showing the county map that displays the one-year percent population change.

Tapping on a county in the Map panel will show a detailed narrative of the last year’s population change. To change the year shown in map, using the year slider in the Filter panel.

Screenshot of mobile dashboard interface showing the filter tab

Use the filter panel to view details for a individual county. region of the state or to change the year shown in the map.