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Tennessee State Data Center

We’re experts in accessing, understanding and disseminating data about Tennessee. We make it understandable and useful to citizens, businesses and agencies across the state.


Building Permits Are the Cornerstone of Tennessee’s Municipal Population Estimates November 29, 2023 - Maintaining tabs on the state’s growing population is partly dependent on accurate reporting of building permit data by the issuing agencies. An expanded State Data Center program is available to help communities verify, correct, and improve these important housing unit counts.
Screen shot of TNSDC population estimates dashboard New TNSDC Dashboard Unlocks Population Change Trends Across Tennessee October 18, 2023 - Our new interactive dashboard provides access to the latest U.S. Census Bureau population estimate data. It includes visualizations and key indicators that offer valuable insights into Tennessee's county-level population trends. Learn more and try it for yourself.
County map of a a portion of Tennessee showing the Development Districts 2023 Tennessee County Geographic Classifier Reference File September 28, 2023 - Looking to supercharge your county-level data analysis? Our provides essential Tennessee geographic classifications that can be integrated with your existing county data.

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77 Counties had Growing Economies

in 2022, according to recently released Bureau of Economic Analysis County and Metro data on gross domestic product. Davidson County accounted for 36 percent of the state’s increases last year. Growth there was fueled by the area’s $10.5 billion entertainment and accommodation sector, which grew more than 26 percent over one year. Rural counties, including many clustered in the western third of the state, accounted for most of the declines. Shelby County’s -0.5 percent contraction was the only decrease among the state’s 17 urban counties.

268,599 Students Enrolled at Colleges and Universities

in Tennessee for the 2023 Spring Term. The 8,100-student increase (3.1 percent) compared to a year ago was the fourth largest in the nation but leaves the state’s total enrollment 13,000 below spring 2020 levels. The decreases are primarily concentrated at community colleges (-13K) while public 4-year institutions have grown past pre-pandemic levels (+1,299). Look for the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center’s report for fall 2023 numbers early next year.

Featured Tools

County Population Estimate Dashboard
Our County Population Estimates and Components of Change Dashboard provides county- and regional-level population insights from 2020 through the latest year in the estimate series. Data about population and components of change are included, along with regional and state-level tallies of key performance indicators.
Just added! State and National Population Estimates Dashboard (v. 2023)

2023 Core-based Statistical Area Comparison
In July 2023, the White House Office of Management and Budget announced changes to the nation’s Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Area boundaries. This app lets you explore what counties have moved between areas since the last major update in 2018.

Center of Population of U.S. States and Counties
This interactive application shows the mean center of population for each state and county in the U.S. in 2000, 2010 and 2020. The application visualizes the degree of population shift each decade using lines that connect the center to its prior location.