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Internet or paper? 2020 Census Mail contact strategies viewer

Those helping to promote and raise awareness of the 2020 Census received some important information in November. The Census Bureau published a map showing how households will be invited to participate in the census next March.

In Tennessee, about two-thirds of housing units (1.93 million) are included in the Internet First contact strategy. These homes will receive an invitation to respond online. If a response isn’t received, homes in these areas will receive a paper form with the fourth mailing.
The other third of homes in the state are in the areas designated Internet Choice. Both an online invitation and a paper form will be sent with the initial invite. Homes in these areas are less likely to respond to an online form based on:
  • low Internet response rate to the American Community Survey
  • higher population of people age 65 and over
  • low Internet subscribership

Bilingual forms will be sent to about 21,000 homes in areas of Davidson and Rutherford counties, along with small portions of Shelby. These areas met the “Spanish Assistance” threshold with more than 20% of households speaking Spanish but not having at least one person age 15 and over spoke English very well.

Housing Units
Internet first, English Invitation in English to respond online
Internet first, Bilingual Bilingual invitation to respond online
Internet Choice, English Paper questionnaire and online response option in English
Internet Choice, Bilingual Bilingual questionnaire and online response option