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Part 2: Group Quarters Review

Counts at group quarters facilities like dormitories, nursing homes and prisons are eligible for review under two different Census Bureau programs.

Group quarters (GQ) include places such as college residence halls, residential treatment centers, nursing homes, group homes, military barracks and correctional facilities. Housing entities own GQ facilities and provide other services for their residents.

During the 2020 Census, count operations at group quarters facilities were one of several decennial enumeration operations disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In some cases, GQ facilities were closed, access restrictions were put in place or residents choose to relocate to other housing units because of concerns related to new disease. This created a number of scenarios where a miscount of “usual residents” at group quarters could have occurred.

Overview of Part 2 Review

This step involves gathering information about group quarter facilities in a community and checking that information against 2020 Census data to:

  • Verify that group quarter facilities were included in the 2020 data
  • Check that the facility was reported in the correct location
  • Comparing the recorded population counts with the facility’s “usual” population on Census Day

For the group quarter review, an interactive map of group quarter counts reported in the 2020 census will be used. Two key figures are provided for each census block shown in the map:

  1. The number of group quarter facilities in the census block
  2. The total population of the facilities by facility type

Issues with group quarter counts are potentially eligible for resolution under two different Census programs, Count Question Resolution (CQR) or Post Census Group Quarter Review (PCGQR). The review steps will include recommendations about which program is appropriate.

Part 2 Group Quarter Review Procedures

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  1. Using a local knowledge, licensure data and sources, prepare a list of group quarters for the community that includes an address for each facility. The list can include the following:
    • Correctional facilities for adults
    • Juvenile facilities
    • Nursing homes
    • College/University student housing
    • Military quarters
  2. Type the name or address of the group quarter of interest into the search box located in the top right corner of the application.
  3. Select the appropriate location from the dropdown. The map will zoom to selected facility and the info panel will become active on the right side of the screen.
  4. Click the map near the location where the facility is located, being sure to stay within the census block that is outlined in gray. After clicking, the selected block will be outlined in blue and details about the block’s population will be indicated on the info panel.
  5. If the selected block includes a group facility, the number facilities and total population in all facilities within the block will be detailed.
  6. After locating the facility and the reviewing the reported population totals, follow the steps in the flowchart to determine if corrective action is required.

Flow chart showing steps to review group quarter counts from the 2020 Census to determine eligibility for PCGQR.

Correcting Group Quarter Errors

If the flowchart indicates that a group quarter error is eligible for a corrective action, follow the steps below:

Missing and Miscounted Group Quarters

If the flowchart indicates that you have a missing or miscounted group quarter, file a PCGQR case according to the procedures outlined in the Census Bureau Participant’s Guide and Frequently Asked Questions document.

The State Data Center has a prepared a primer with additional information about how PCGQR submissions are used, and provides information about how to submit successful results to the Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development for inclusion in the Certified Population Report.

Misallocated Group Quarters

If a group quarter facility has been incorrectly located in a census block outside of a community’s corporate limit, then pursue a correction under the Count Question Resolution program. These steps are outlined in Part 3 of this guide:  Boundary Housing Unit Review.